Jiashan Shengguang Electronics Co.,Ltd(Jiashan Jingyi Moulding Factory) is located in the city of Jiashan in the Shanghai Economic Zone, which is known as a rich region of rivers and lakes in the south of the Changjiang River (Yangtze River).Neighbouring the Pdong Development Zone ,Jiashan is to the west of Shanghai and to the east
Bicycle Front Light           Bicycle Safety Light            Bicycle Light Set
Decoration Light              Dynamo Light       Bicycle Horn And Turning Light
Speedometer And Reflector
Address: NO.1919,Jiashan Dadao Road,Jiashan                   City, Zhejiang China
Tel: +86-573-84669666   84669917   84669777
Fax: +86-573-84669555
E-mail: jymj@bicyclelight.cn    jymj@js.zj.cn
Website: http://www.bicyclelight.cn
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